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The HTML5 version of this tool was developed in August 2021. There are some differences between the newer HTML5 version and the version available for download from the App Store or Google Play Store but the core functionality remains the same. This support page was developed based on the downloadable App version of the tool so the images and instructions may not match the HTML5 tool perfectly, however, it still contains many useful examples.

Mathematical Concepts
Connecting Fundamental Math Concepts with the Money Tool
Sample Files
Features of the Tool
Keyboard Shortcuts
How-To Videos (including transcript)
PDF Supports

Mathematical Concepts

Represent various money amounts by dragging realistic images of Canadian coins and bills from the cash drawer to the workspace.
Use this tool to:

The cash drawer multiplier and multi-select copy features support students in
demonstrating multiplicative thinking and using anchor values of 2, 5, and 10.

Coin images © 2014 Royal Canadian Mint. All rights reserved.
Bank notes images used with the permission of the Bank of Canada.

Access a wide variety of Annotation tools Annotation button to communicate thinking.
Insert picturesImport Picture button into the tool.
Work created in a mathies tool can be savedSave File button and openedOpen Button. A saved file can be shared with peers or submitted to a teacher. The file will contain all solution steps from start to finish.

Take a screenshot to use as part of a portfolio, presentation, web page, etc.


Connecting Fundamental Math Concepts with the Money Tool

Fundamental Concepts and Skills (Link #4) Tool Connections
Working with numbers:
Understanding and using numbers (e.g., being able to read, represent, count, order, estimate, compare, compose, decompose, and recompose numbers).
Money can be used to:
Recognizing and applying understanding of number properties:
Understanding how numbers behave in operations and drawing on that understanding to master math facts and perform calculations.
Money can be used to:
  • demonstrate the commutative property of addition by combining groups of currency in different orders
  • demonstrate the commutative property of multiplication by arranging currency in different arrays (e.g. 2 rows of 5 toonies vs 5 rows of 2 toonies)
  • reinforce the associative property of addition as students represent and count currency in various ways (e.g. group all the currencies of like denomination then determine the total)
Mastering math facts:
Understanding and recalling math facts, using a variety of strategies.
Money can be used to represent math facts and illustrate various strategies.
Developing mental math skills:
Doing calculations in the mind, with little or no use of paper and pencil or calculator.
Using visual tools when learning to perform mathematical operations allows students to draw on these mental models and visualizations to perform mental calculations.
Money can be used to:
  • demonstrate various addition and subtraction strategies
    (e.g., to determine $6.55 - $1.95, add 5 cents to each value and determine $6.60 - $2)
  • demonstrate various multiplication and division strategies
    (e.g., to detemine 3 x $5.18, represent three groups of $5.18 then determine the value of each type of currency 3 x $5 + 3 x $0.10 + 3 x $0.05 + 3 x $0.03)
Developing proficiency with operations:
Performing calculations with ease, precision, and consistency and with a general understanding of number and operations, number properties, and their appropriate application in problem solving.
Students might use the money tool to represent and then solve various problems.

Connecting Fundamental Math Concepts with mathies.ca (Draft)



WINS Activites

Many WINS WINS logo activities use Money including:


represent $32.40
skip count by $5
thinking about place value using currency
represent $5 in multiple ways
customize values, size, labels, background
Money Tool Cash Slip Example
Use the MT_CashSlip.png sample image to find a total amount

French version of the tool
The Currency Count dialog and Settings dialog shown in French

import images into the workspace
Import images and compare amounts

Sample Files (for V3.0.0 and beyond)

(Note: This feature is NOT available in the HTML5 version of the tool.)
To access a sample file:
See the File Operations page for more details.


Click to open in the tool - desktop only


Type or copy into Open WWW text box, or
save locally by right-clicking or hard-pressing
Represent Equivalent Values

Represent $5 in multiple ways
Compare Amounts

compare two groups of money
Cash Slip Template

Cash Slip Template
Note: These files were designed on a desktop computer and may not open exactly as shown on other devices.


Right click on the image and select Save image as...
Use the image import button or the File import button
to insert the image into the workspace.


Type or copy into Import WWW text box
Cash Slip https://mathies.ca/files/examples/MT_CashSlip.png

Features of the Tool

(Note: The HTML5 version of the tool includes many, but not all of these features and employs a slightly different user interface.)

Button Description
Label button


Show or hide the labels indicating the value of each currency.
Change Units button

Change Units

Set the units of these labels to indicate dollars or cents.
Choose Currency Button

Choose Currency

Determine which currencies to place in the cash drawer.
English buttonFrench button

English / French

Switch between English and French text and currency formatting.
Money Sizing Buttons

Currency Size

Decrease / increase the currency size.
On mobile devices, pinch to zoom is also available.
On some desktop browsers, the mouse wheel can be used to change the currency size.

It is helpful to begin by setting the desired size of currency.
Annotation button

Annotation Tool

Hide / Show a wide variety of Annotation Tools which can be used to communicate thinking.
Insert Image button

Insert Image Button

Insert images into the tool. More details.
Undo/Redo buttons

Undo / Redo

Step backward or forward through the actions taken with the tool.
This feature is not only useful for backtracking when a misstep is made, it enables a student to demonstrate their work from the start to the finish. The student can press Undo until they are at the start of their solution and then press Redo repeatedly, explaining each step.

Note: Undo / Redo is not available for annotation objects.
Reset button


Delete all work and return the tool to its starting state.
Information button


Shows a dialog with a link to this support page, a feedback form as well as copyright details and version number.
Money tool's Information Dialog
Settings button


Shows the settings dialog.

Settings dialog

The Auto Size Annotation setting is selected by default. This means that if the currency size is changed, any annotation in the workspace will be scaled to match.

Use the Restore Defaults button to restore all the settings, including labels and which currency is available in the cash drawer.

Open, Import and Save files (see File Operations for more details)
Currency Count button

Currency Count

Check to see how many of each type of currency are in the work space.
Multiplier button

Number of Copies to Drag

Set the number of copies to drag from the cash drawer.
Delete button


Click to remove selected items from the work space;
click again to clear the entire work space.
Alternatively, drag items to the recycle bin to remove them.
Copy button


Make a copy of the selected objects.

Other Functionality

Multiple Select

Multiple Select

To selected currency draw a marquee rectangle around it.
Hold down the SHIFT key when drawing a marquee rectangle to add to the previous selection.

Click a coin or bill to add to or remove from the selection.

Selected currency can be moved, copied, or recycled as a group.

Keyboard Shortcuts

On the desktop version of this tool, all of the standard Keyboard Shortcuts have been implemented.
In addition,
increases the currency size
decreases the currency size

How - To Videos

Videos are provided in two formats to allow for use on a greater variety of browsers and devices.

Exploring the Basic Functionality

Not Working? Try mp4 format.

Video Transcript

Video Notes:

PDF Supports

  1. mathies Money Learning Tool Tip Sheet
  2. mathies Tools and Games used in WINS
  3. Visit EDUGAINS for various Tip Sheets
  4. Focusing on the Fundamentals of Math - A Teacher's Guide
  5. Connecting Fundamental Math Concepts with mathies.ca (Draft)


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