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Most of the supports on this site are related to the mathies learning tools.

Use the navigation bar at the top of the page to access the index of mathies tools, some specific mathies tools' support pages, pages explaining specific common mathies tool features, and methods to contact us and hear from us. Site Map.

Index of the mathies tools with support pages.

Some mathies tools are allowed on EQAO Assessments.

Promotional Material

mathies Rulers and Bookmarks     Both sides of the mathies ruler

mathies Postcard

Key Math Resources on mathies.ca Flyers

These flyers are also available from the Quick References page on EduGAINS.ca along with the Key Math Resources on EduGAINS flyers.

Professional Learning Resources

Support Documents

Connecting Fundamental Math Concepts with mathies.ca (Draft)

mathies Tools and Games used in WINS

Common features of mathies tools and how they support student learning. (Draft)

mathies Webinars

View a two-hour hands-on Adobe Connect webinar on using mathies tools to solve various problems.

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