Zipped Files

CLIPS provides several zipped versions that allow for offline use or for installation to local fileservers.

Every tool and CLIPS activity is also available for individual download from the Downloads link in the Tool ContainerWrenchIcon.PNG
or the SWF Links tab from LinksLinksIcon.PNG. Most of these files are in the .swf format which can be opened in a browser, like Google Chrome or
imported into some interactive whiteboard authoring software.

Alternatively, you can use the Search Box with a search term like "ePractice" and use the Save links in the results.

When running files locally, you may need to follow the instructions on the Flash Security Settings page to be able to use weblinks and to
avoid warnings.

This contains all the files at mathclips.ca and completely mirrors its functionality.
1.1 GB
This has the toolContainer file, all tools and all video supports.
75 MB
This contains all the games organized by topic.
83 MB
This mirrors all the functionality of the Fractions:Exploring Part/Whole Relationships cluster.
376 MB
This mirrors all the functionality of the Trigonometric Functions - Graphing Sine (degrees) cluster.
460 MB
This mirrors all the functionality of the Linear Growing Patterns - Representing cluster.
214 MB
This mirrors all the functionality of the Integers - Representing, Comparing & Ordering cluster.
231 MB
This mirrors all the functionality of the ePractice:Fractions cluster.
141 MB
This contains all the ePractice activities as standalone files. It is much smaller than CL101.zip.
30 MB
These contain all the files necessary to run the Who Cares movie offline.
14 MB
11 MB
12 MB
IntegerComparisonTool.zip(see 5.2.4)
This contains the files necessary to run the Integer Comparison Tool offline
(including the help video)
2.8 MB
Several activities have to be downloaded as zip files, since they require video elements.
They can be downloaded from the SWF Links tab of their respective cluster.

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